The History of Squiala First Nation 

Squiala First Nation is a member of the Ts'elxweyeqw Tribe located in the Fraser Valley of Southern British Columbia, Canada. Squiala First Nation is composed of two reserves; IR #7 and IR #8. Squiala IR #7 is located on the north-west side of the City of Chilliwack. Squiala IR # 8 is located on the north-east section of Chilliwack Mountain. Squiala is part of the Coast Salish ethno-cultural tribal group and is in the Salishan linguistic group. 

How Squiala First Nation was formed:

All members can be traced back to Sam and Theresa Jimmie. Sam and Theresa were the founders of this reserve. Together they had 7 sons and Squiala membership is made up of the descendents from the seven brothers. We are currently in our 6th generation. 

Squiala First Nation Office:

Squiala First Nation log building was the idea of Theresa Jimmie in 1974. Theresa's original plan for the building was for it to be a tea house with aboriginal people doing crafts such as salish weaving, basket making, carving, knitting and beading. Her dream was to use the building as a place to display crafts for sale and provide tourists with the opportunity to see the skills of our First Nations people.

Her son Larry felled the trees from Charlie Chung’s timber claim and Charlie transported the logs to the current site.

Community members and relatives then skinned the logs to prepare them for use. Theresa then wrote a proposal to Human Resources Development and a contractor was hired who trained some of the community members in log building.

In 2002 the building was renovated to repair water damages, and to also add on 2 new offices and a larger bathroom. 

A new community hall was constructed in 2012. The hall features a gymnasium, class room, computer lab, board rooms, offices and work out room with a full commercial kitchen.