Squiala Elementary

Our Mission Statement:

Squiala Elementary School will guide and support each child's individual learning journey and promote a life-long love of learning.


Our Philosophy Statement:

Squiala Elementary School provides a holistic learning environment that accepts and appreciates the uniqueness of each child. Through a Montessori based curriculum, in conjunction with the community, we encourage students to develop good citizenship practices, high moral and education standards. In a culturally responsive and rich environment it is our goal to install confidence and independence in our students by empowering physical, social, spiritual and mental growth.


The Most Important Things We Do at Squiala Elementary School:

- Provide a safe and caring environment

- Help all students learn as much as they can; to be the best they can be

- Give and receive respect

- Encourage parent involvement in their child's education

- Integrate Halq'emeylem language and culture


Our Cultural Values:

Squiala Elementary School is a First Nation band school and we hold our traditional cultural practices and language close to our hearts. We believe our children deserve the right to practice Sto:lo cultural ways of life. Culture and the Halq'emeylem language are integrated throughout the weekly class schedules. An Elder and Cultural Worker provide this service to the students and cultural resources are available to all teachers.

Through cooperation with the Squiala First Nation Community Centre, Squiala Elementary School is able to offer a new school building to students as well as a full-size gymnasium, work out room, sports field with playground, garden and greenhouse. Squiala Elementary School also offers bussing services, breakfast and lunch programs and has on-site social workers, as well as both a special education teacher and play therapist.

Squiala Elementary Contact: Steffany Munshaw

Squiala First Nation has developed a Tech and Trades Training and Post Secondary program. Squiala is also an advocate for students from K4 to Grade 12.